A pipeline of powerful possibilities.

Our dynamic portfolio of virology assets includes a pipeline focused on curing HBV. Today, we have several active clinical studies, including approaches combining different mechanisms of action to achieve our therapeutic goals.

Arbutus Powerful Pipeline


Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3


RNAi Therapeutic

Imdusiran (AB-729) cHBV

IM-PROVE I Combo trial (imdusiran + Peg-IFNa-2a + NA)

IM-PROVE II Combo trial (imdusiran + vaccine + NA +/- nivolumab)

IM-PROVE III Combo trial (imdusiran + NA + durvalumab)

PD-L1 Inhibitor

AB-101 cHBV

AB-101-001 single/multiple-ascending dose

All Arbutus clinical trials are conducted in compliance with the Declaration of Helsinki and the ICH Guideline for Good Clinical Practice

Suppress Reduce Boost


Learn about our three-pronged Suppress, Reduce, Boost approach to HBV.

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