HBV Assets

Our HBV product development pipeline is focused on discovering, acquiring or in-licensing, and developing drug candidates that attack multiple targets of the HBV lifecycle, including the aggressive suppression of HBV replication and the formation inhibition and elimination of cccDNA. These drug candidates may also boost the host immune response to chronic HBV infection.


Although the ultimate curative regimens for HBV are currently unknown, we have assembled an industry-leading portfolio of drug development programs targeting hepatitis B, which we will evaluate to determine the best potential combination approaches for patients.


By building a broad platform of direct antiviral and immune stimulation assets, we aim to optimize HBV combination curative strategies, with the ability to adapt our program focus quickly as the field continues to advance. Our combination approach can simultaneously inhibit viral replication, stimulate the host immune response to HBV and eliminate the reservoir of existing cccDNA.