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AB-161 is our next-generation oral destabilizer.

We believe that a small molecule RNA destabilizer could provide a key piece necessary for providing a proprietary, all-oral treatment regimen. Mechanistically, RNA destabilizers target the host proteins PAPD5/7, which are involved in regulating the stability of HBV RNA transcripts.  

In doing so, RNA destabilizers lead to the degradation of HBV RNAs, and thus reduce HBsAg levels and inhibit viral replication. 

Studies for a safe compound

AB-161 has undergone in vivo non-GLP safety studies and multiple ADME, toxicology and PK studies. These studies showed that AB-161 has a clean safety profile and achieved a high liver-to-plasma ratio when administered orally in three species.

All of these studies are intended to give us confidence that we have a safe compound to move into clinical trials.  AB-161 was specifically developed to target the liver. AB-161 is currently being evaluated in a Phase 1 clinical trial.

We believe AB-161 may have the following important advantages over other “RNA-targeted therapeutics:

  • Oral HBsAg suppressive compound 
  • Liver centric 
  • Differentiated chemistry 
  • Potent antiviral activity 
  • Clean safety profile 
  • Potential for first-in-class therapy 

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