ARB-1740 (RNAi)

ARB-1740 employs the same LNP formulation as ARB-1467 with a different set of three RNAi triggers that target all four HBV transcripts. In preclinical studies, ARB-1740 has been shown to be significantly more potent than ARB-1467. ARB-1740 utilizes Arbutus’ proprietary lipid nanoparticle (LNP) platform, a clinically validated delivery technology which has been tested in hundreds of patients.

Phase lb/IIa ARB-1740 Multi-dosing Clinical Trial

While Arbutus is focused on development of our lead HBV product candidates, we believe in continuous innovation and will incorporate technological and product design advancements that may result in an improvement in safety and/or efficacy. An example of this is our follow-on RNAi HBV candidate, ARB-1740. ARB-1740 is more potent than ARB-1467 in preclinical studies. ARB-1740 is chemically distinct from ARB-1467 (includes different target sequences) and employs the same LNP formulation as ARB-1467. ARB-1740 Phase II multi-dosing study began dosing HBV patients early this year and data will be available in the second half of 2017.

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